Who I am

Shorkend Care Management helps you and your loved ones navigate the labyrinth of eldercare

What is an Aging Life Care™/ Geriatric Care Manager?
-    A  Care Manager  is a health and human services specialist who helps  older 
     adults and persons with disabilities in attaining their maximum functional potential.
-    Aging Life Care Managers who are members of theAging Life Care Association, ALCA (formerly the National     Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers)  are committed to adhering to the ALCA Code 
     of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Brenda Shorkend  is a Certified Aging Life Care Manager and has over 25 years of experience working with older people and their families

She understands what you are going through and provides emotional support and  professional, practical  assistance

You can be assured that your loved one has a strong advocate who will help you to navigate the complex world of elder care

Brenda is an Advanced Professional member of the Aging Life Care Association™, with a background in Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology. 

Brenda has worked in a wide variety of settings, including Geriatric Care Manager at Huntington Hospital's Senior Care Network in Pasadena, and has broad knowledge of local resources and services

Brenda has experience of acute care settings, neurogeriatrics, oncology, rehabilitation and geriatric assessment and memory clinics. She is familiar with the issues facing older people with dementia, stroke, chronic illness, neurological and developmental disabilities  

Her goal is to identify her clients' individual needs and tailor a personalized plan that will maximize their independence and autonomy while ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Brenda specializes in working with overburdened families in need of assistance in coming to a consensus on a plan of care. She works with people with developmental disabilities who are in need of more intensive services as they age.  She can help you develop a long term plan for your disabled relative. She can assist grandparents raising their grandchildren in planning for the future.


Brenda can help relieve the burden of caregiving from the sandwich generation and  from long-distance caregivers.
She can link you to resources in your area or do it all for you by overseeing your loved one's care. She strives to keep the plan affordable and sustainable. 

She is a strong advocate for the rights of the elderly, and for the rights of people with chronic illness and disabilities. She brings bring this commitment to her work as an Aging Life Care Manager. 

Collaboration is essential when dealing with the complex issues of aging. Brenda Shorkend encourages family members to work together and to work with all those involved in her clients' care  to maximize their wellbeing. Each person, whether family member, friend, spiritual leader, physician, attorney or any other professional working with a client has a unique perspective, and can contribute knowledge and expertise. Solid communication between all those involved improves the chances that the older person will be able to live in dignity, and will also reduce the confusion and stress of family caregivers.

Check out her LinkedIn page for more information.

Brenda Shorkend is a member of

Glendale Area Mental Health Professionals Association 

West San Gabriel Valley Elder Abuse Coalition
Pasadena Alzheimer's Task Force
San Gabriel Valley End-of-Life Coalition, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
Jewish Family Resource Service - Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys

San Gabriel Valley Estate Planning Council