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Helping Older Adults Thrive

Brenda Shorkend Headshot

"I am passionate about helping my clients to thrive. I work with my clients and their loved ones to build the teams and create the environments that they need to maximize their autonomy while maintaining their safety."

– Brenda Shorkend, MA, CMC

Shorkend Care Management was founded on the principle that everyone deserves to age with dignity. As a Certified Aging Life Care Professional (Geriatric Care Manager), I will be your advocate, providing both professional assistance and emotional support as we navigate the complex world of elder care.

Communication and collaboration are essential, and I specialize in building robust teams that include family, friends, spiritual leaders, physicians, attorneys, Professional Fiduciaries and others, all working in unison to ensure the best possible quality of life for my clients.

My Experience

I have a background in rehabilitation psychology and decades of experience working with older people, people with disabilities and their families. I am also a Certified Advanced Professional member and a Fellow of the Leadership Academy of the Aging Life Care Association. I am committed to adhering to the ALCA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and do not have a financial relationship with any service, professional or community that I recommend to clients.


I specialize in the issues facing older people with dementia and chronic illnesses, as well as people with neurological, intellectual and developmental disabilities. I formerly worked at Huntington Hospital's Senior Care Network in Pasadena and have worked in various settings, including acute care, neurogeriatrics, oncology, rehabilitation and memory clinics.

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