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Trusted Advisors

When it comes to supporting older people and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it takes a well-qualified and collaborative team. For decades, I have been working with leading professionals like you to ensure that your clients can continue to thrive. As a Certified Aging Life Care Professional, I bring objectivity, experience and compassion to the team. My knowledge of the elder care industry and medical issues and my familiarity with legal and court procedures make me an invaluable partner. 

Services Provided

  • Expert 730 evaluations

  • Comprehensive assessments and plans of care

  • Support for Professional Fiduciaries – consultations and ongoing care management and coordination

  • Support in resolving complex cases

  • Facilitation of communication with family members

  • Crisis management

  • Advocacy with physicians, hospitals and care facilities

  • Assistance with transitions

  • Referrals to other trusted advisors

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