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I aim to help my clients maximize their independence and autonomy while ensuring their safety and well-being. With compassion and my decades of experience and knowledge of the complex care industry, I build personalized plans for the future and develop supportive teams for both older adults and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


In addition to providing services to my clients, I work directly with probate and elder law attorneys, Professional Fiduciaries, financial advisors, the courts and other professionals. Learn more on my trusted advisors’ page.


  • Review and explain the continuum of care

  • Review medical conditions

  • Provide relevant referrals


  • Holistic, comprehensive assessment of cognitive, emotional and physical functioning; home environment and safety; and social engagement and support, including input from loved ones

  • Review medical, legal and financial issues and refer to appropriate specialists

  • Referrals to leading professionals such as physicians, home care agencies, daily money managers, ADA-compliant mobility and accessibility experts, senior move managers and professional organizers

  • Referrals to trusted advisors such as Professional Fiduciaries, attorneys and financial planners 

  • Screening for eligibility for benefits

  • Written Care Plan summarizing the findings


  • Plan for the future and optimize care

  • Assist in maintaining the client’s control over decision-making

  • Ensure client’s wishes are followed

  • Help resolve family conflict

  • Identify when to involve others in the client’s care

  • Assist with relocation and transitions

  • Provide strategies to prepare before there is a crisis

Ongoing Oversight

  • Implementation of recommendations, including coordinating with appropriate services and care providers

  • Ongoing monitoring and support, including regular visits, assistance with transitions and liaising with medical providers

  • Consultation and supportive counseling, including caregiver and family support

  • Assistance with long-distance caregiving

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